Painful loss can come in many forms: the death of a loved one, divorce/separation,the loss of work, health, fitness or in some cases spirituality. At it's most devastating, it can even feel as if we have lost our sense of purpose and identity.

The grieving process is a very natural and healthy state to be in when we are faced with such losses, and as such should not be tampered with to any great extent.  The problem arises when for some reason this process is stalled or continues to interfere in the necessary endeavour to move on in life after a long period of time. 

For many, talking to friends and family about your sense of unbearable loss can make you feel a burden to them.  In protecting them from your pain, you may shut your feelings down and as a result become quite depressed.  Talking to a professional counsellor can relieve you of the inevitable isolation that occurs when you bottle things up in this way.  A counsellor can help you process  your feelings and hopefully help you to find a new way forward, while still honouring the past.

Kaz has many years of experience dealing with loss and grief, particularly the loss of identity often experienced when someone becomes diagnosed with a mental illness.  No matter what your own personal loss, she can offer the type of support that may help you transform your grief into a healing experience.