Dealing with depression can be a devastating experience that others are unable to comprehend.  Talking to friends and family about your feelings of extreme sadness, lack of motivation and sense of hopelessness can be frustrating for you, as they often don't know how to respond.   In their need to make you feel better they seem to miss the point that it feels as if no matter what you do, nothing seems to change.  Then you may start to feel guilty, as if you are a burden to them, and so you stop talking about your innermost feelings.  Or you get angry with them for not being able to understand how difficult life is for you.  These are some of the reasons it can be helpful to talk to a professional counsellor about what is going on for you: someone who understands the impact of depression and has some idea of how to start to deal with it. 

There are many known causes of depression, including issues with physical health, situational factors that are causing extreme stress, and issues of low-self esteem.  All of these factors can put immense stress on our coping mechanisms.

Kaz can help  you to explore some of the issues that may be putting you under stress, and help you find ways of dealing with each situation as it arises.