Couples often enter into counselling because of rising conflict within their relationships, when it seems that nothing they do seems to be working any more, and neither party feels as if their needs are being met by the other.

Constant arguing, and a toxic dance where one person is too demanding while the other persistently withdraws and shuts down is a common experience when love goes wrong.  Over time it seems that the very person who should be your main source of comfort has become your enemy.

If you recognise this pattern in your relationship, it's not too late to do something about it.  Kaz works with couples to help them learn to reach for each other in a helpful and responsive way, rather than continuing the push-pull tussle that has become the norm.   

Learning to trust each other once more is the key to mending the rifts in the relationship, and the approach Kaz takes involves getting in touch with the softer emotions that lie beneath the anger, rage, frustration and sometimes sheer fear that seems to dominate when things get tough.

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LGBTIQ couples are welcome.