Anxiety is a normal response to a variety of situations, and everyone feels it from time-to-time.  It becomes a major problem when it stops people from living a so called 'normal' life: in work, rest and play.  Excessive worry about the future, what other people think of us, or how we feel about ourselves can lead us into highly anxious states.  It's a fear state, and at its worst it can be debilitating.

The good news is that there are many techniques that can be effective in the treatment of anxiety, much of it involving learning to recognise the triggers that set off our fight or flight response and how the way we think about things (usually in a negative, self-critical or catastrophic light) plays a part in stimulating our worst fears.

Kaz can help you learn the tools of self-care as well as explore the underlying emotions and issues that may be driving your fears in the first place.