Many of us struggle at some point in life with what can feel like an endless struggle to find the motivation to change, whether that be giving up old, harmful habits (such as cigarettes, alcohol or binge eating,) or forming new healthy attitudes such as exercise or spending less time at work and more with loved ones.

Any form of change not only has a gain (e.g., losing weight when you start to exercise), it also has a loss (e.g., "If I spend all of those hours in the gym at nights, when am I going to be able to read all those books on my shelves?").  We wind up stuck between two opposing ideas, doing nothing except procrastinate some more, and as a result become quite anxious and annoyed with ourselves. These inner conflicts nag away, and eat up our valuable time on this planet!

Living life under these exhausting and unproductive mindsets can be addressed.  Kaz has helped countless clients to reassess what is important in life, and to learn to be decisive.   

If you are the type of person who puts things off time-after-time, come along for a chat to see what Kaz has to offer in the way of support and guidance as  you learn to understand your own dreams for the future, and the fears that put the brakes on such plans.