Kaz Mitchell is a fully qualified professional, with a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Using models of therapy in line with current neuroscientific evidence, Kaz can help you regulate your emotions and help you to manage your nervous system's response(fight, flight, freeze) in stressful situations.

Talking to an empathic and non-judgmental expert in the field of human psychology can assist you to make better choices for yourself in all areas of life: work, relationships, and health.

 Learning to be mindful and creating opportunities for greater self-awareness are all part of the counselling process that Kaz utilises in her sessions. Whether you simply need a few sessions to explore coping skills to help you overcome anxiety or depression, or you are interested in a deeper exploration into the roots of your persistent patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful to you, Kaz will collaboratively work with you to create the ideal pathway to a more fulfilling future. 

Kaz can help you act now and take responsibility for your own  future health and happiness so that down the track you can look back on a life well-lived. 

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About Kaz

Kaz has a Masters in counselling and psychotherapy, and has over 30 years experience supporting clients with their mental health, relationship issues, enhancing motivation and shaping their lives to be more meaningful and enriching.   She provides individual and couples counselling, with a strong focus on supporting clients to focus on what is important  and to feel motivated to make whatever changes they have in mind.

She is also a lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, specialising in the neuroscience of counselling and psychotherapy. 

Kaz also has experience working as a counsellor within the LGBTI community.

 Visit the contact page, and message Kaz with your phone number, if you'd like to know more about her service, how much it costs, times etc.